Go On (2015)

The 2nd full length studio album focuses on starting again; putting your head down and pushing forward. The songs alternately shimmer and float, while reserving the right to occasionally punch you in the gut for good measure. Produced by Crabtree, Go On was set in motion in London, Ontario in 2013 with engineer Dean Nelson (Beck, Thurston Moore, Bat for Lashes). Fleshed out in Nova Scotia, tracks were bounced around Montreal, New York, and rural Lancashire, before the album was mixed by Graeme Campbell (Buck 65, Rich Aucoin). Long-time collaborators Gregory Burton, Michael Feuerstack and Pietro Amato (the Luyas and Bell Orchestre), as well as Clogs member and the National, Kronos Quartet collaborator Thomas Kozumplik have left their indelible mark on the music.