All We Know EP (2017)

Centred around a core band of Crabtree (voice and guitar) JJ Ipsen (Hayden) on bass and Marshall Bureau (Great Lake Swimmers) on drums the EP is about thinking you know when you haven’t got a clue. Recorded mainly in rural Ontario with Andy Magoffin (longtime engineer for Great Lake Swimmers) and Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire)’s Skybarn studio it features long-time collaborators Pietro Amato (the Luyas, Bell Orchestre – French horn) and Sebastian Chow (Islands – violin), joined by new ones in the shape of the aching viola of Pemi Paull and Andy Magoffin’s alto horn contributions on Didn’t Know with Crabtree adding piano, clarinet, and baritone saxophone to round things out. The EP closer is a cover of the Weather Station’s “What am I gonna do with everything I know”.